The plan for the elimination of HCFCs that deplete the ozone layer (Phase II) for the period 2020-2025 was adopted by the Government of Montenegro in May 2020. The plan was prepared by the Nature and Environmental Protection Agency in cooperation with UNIDO. The main goal of the Plan is to enable Montenegro to reduce consumption and completely eliminate from use the remaining amount of HCFC substances by 2025, significantly earlier than the deadline set by the Montreal Protocol for countries referred to in Article 5..

The plan comprises the following activities:

  • Training the trainers
  • Training and licencing of technicians and companies
  • Training of law enforcement officers (customs officers and environmental inspectors)
  • Improving of equipment in training centers
  • Improving service equipment in the servicing sector
  • Procure of refrigerant analyzers for customs and ecological inspection
  • Improvement of Re-use scheme and capability to monitor quality of refrigerants
  • Support to RAC association and upgrading of Code of Good Practice
  • Institutional strenghtening