16. September – World ozone day

16th September – World Ozone Day this year was marked as a part of the campaign “For a more beautiful and healthier Montenegro”, organized by the Environmental Protection Agency on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the Declaration on the Ecological State.

The action includes greening of outdoor space of hospitals and arranging their interior with an exhibition of photographies showing the natural beauties of Montenegro, organization of open lectures and presentations at universities and schools.

As part of this campaign, during the visit of the Hospital in Pljevlja, which was organized on 16th September, hospital yard was greened, and representatives of the Agency visited the pediatric department and handed out promotional material dedicated to the World Ozone day.

In Berane, on 17th September, beside the action of arranging the hospital yard and visiting the pediatric department, where promotional material were given to the children, an open lecture “Ozone layer protection“ was organized for students of Gymnasium ”Panto Mališić“ and High School „Vukadin Vukadinović“.

During the visit to Bijelo Polje, organized on 22 nd September, a lecture on the protection of the ozone layer was held for the students of the Elementary School “Risto Ratković” and the short animated movie “Reset Earth” was shown.

Similar activities will be continued during October.

With the aim to present new legislation and activities within the implementation of the HCFC phase out management plan it is planned to organize, in cooperation with the Chamber of Economy of Montenegro, a workshop for the companies from the RAC sector.