Workshop for refrigeration service technicians „Good refrigeration practice“

On 30 and 31 January 2019, in Podgorica, Nature and Environmental Protection Agency in cooperation with UNIDO organized a workshop “Good refrigeration practice”. Workshop was held  in the premises of the Secondary Vocational School “Ivan Uskoković”.

The aim of the workshop was to acquaint refrigeration and air conditioning service technicians with the ozone layer and the problems caused by its depletion, national and international legislation related to this area, good practice in handling ozone-depleting substances, alternative substances, collection, recycling and regeneration of refrigerants and the possibilitys of use refrigerants that do not deplete the ozone layer.

The workshop was organized in the frame of the Project “HCFC phase out management plan”. Translations of Manuals “Training manual for refrigeration service technicians” and “Good Service Practice in Refrigeration” were given to the participants.

After the workshop,  certificates were handed to the participants.