Celebration of World ozone day in Podgorica

Representatives of the Nature and Environmental Protection Agency have celebrated with the pupils from the elementary school “Milorad Musa Burzan” from Podgorica  September  16 – International Day for the Protection of the Ozone Layer, with a series of activities dedicated to this very important environmental date.

During September representatives of the  Nature and Environmental Protection Agency  organized also environmental workshops for students of Secondary School in Andrijevica, Elementary School “Lubnice” in Berane, Elementary School “Stefan Mitrov Ljubisa” in Budva and Elementary School, “Njegos ”in Kotor. On that occasion, to the children in primary schools was shown the cartoon “Ozzy ozone”, and to the students of the Secondary School in Andrijevica the video: “Precious ozone”.

An appropriate promotional material was given to the participants of the workshops.

This year, World ozone day was celebrated all over the world under the motto: “32 years of ozone layer healing”. This underscores the invaluable importance of more than three decades of international cooperation in the protection of the ozone layer and the prevention of climate change in accordance with the obligations set out in the Montreal Protocol. The results achieved make the Montreal Protocol one of the most successful international treaties. That reminds and obliges us to continue our cooperation on the protection and renewal of the ozone layer in order to preserve the environment on Earth and human health.